Title: UK sees launch of RELIFE Definisse™ aesthetic range by renowned Italian pharmaceutical company, A. Menarini


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This Autumn sees the arrival of a new aesthetic range from A. Menarini – RELIFE’s Definisse™. Comprising threads, fillers and peels, the new range gives practitioners the ability to create bespoke aesthetic solutions for their clientele with the knowledge that the three ranges sitting under the Definisse™ brand name work together, and equally well on their own. This is a comprehensive, scientifically proven range created for aesthetic professionals.

Known in Asia as the makers of threads which deliver the ‘Happy Lift’, RELIFE Definisse™ is one of the leading brands in aesthetics. RELIFE Definisse™ uses scientifically proven formulations and product technologies that are hard to beat and deliver natural looking results that more than meet today’s clients’ aesthetic requirements.

The RELIFE Range

RELIFE Definisse™ is based on an integrated ‘3R approach’ – to resurface, restore and reshape. The comprehensive anti-ageing range, designed to meet every patient’s needs, individually. Giving practitioners everything they need to deliver natural looking results that clients delight in.

Resurface skin:

Definisse™ Peels offer a bespoke, multilevel solution formulated for different skin types and a range of indications. With a choice of pre-peels and peels. RELIFE’s range can be used confidently to refine the skin’s texture, gently, with minimal downtime and products designed to meet individual patient’s needs. There is also a Neutralising ‘Buffer’ which should be used to finish off the treatment, removing all traces of the peel and restoring the skin’s pH balance.

Restore beauty:

Definisse™ Filler, using the patented XTRô technology to deliver the perfect mix of viscosity and elasticity, comes in four different options, used to create and restore volume and youthful plumpness, from the lightest of touches to refresh and boost the skin’s hydration levels, or to fill lines and wrinkles, to deeper and more intricate work. RELIFE’s range of Definisse™ Fillers gives practitioners the bespoke flexibility they need when it comes to their patient’s needs. The filler uses a very sharp fine needle that adds to the ease of extrusion and injection, minimising pain for the patient and control for the practitioner.

Reshape facial contours:

Definisse™ Threads with greater elasticity and plasticity come in three variants, each designed to meet the specific needs of different areas of the face delivering effective, lasting results. With a unique ‘J-Stitch’ Definisse™ Threads use a combination p(LA-CL)which is twice as strong as most other threads, and have bi-directional and convergent barbs that stimulate the body’s natural fibroblasts to synthesise extracellular matrix and collagen in the skin, lifting and holding soft facial tissues in place with less slippage.

Training and Support

With pharmaceutical heritage based on science and support, A Menarini, Italy’s largest family-owned pharmaceutical company has invested in a training programme to support aesthetic professionals from the start and on a continuous basis too.

To find out more about Menarini’s RELIFE Definisse™ range please contact the sales team on info@relifecompany.co.uk or call +44 (0)1628 856400.

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